Hey there! I figure I ought to reach out and let my readers know who is behind the curtain that is The Gift Idea Blog. So here goes. My name is Billy Park, at the moment of this posting, I’m 29 years old. I’m from Redmond, Oregon and have lived around Rochester, New York as well as Saint George, Utah. I currently live in Clermont, Florida and work as a wakeboard coach at a place called The Wakeboard Camp.

Wakeboarding is my passion, but it’s not the most lucrative industry. I have a Bachelor Degree in web related stuff, so I figured I’d try my hand at making a blog that could make me a buck or two. I tried a few that I lost interest with, and now I’ve got this gift idea blog that I’m enjoying quite a bit. So yes, I have this site to make a dollar, but I try to have fun with it, because money isn’t really a big motivator to me. But, if you wonder how it works, I’ll explain.

Most of the products I blog about are linked with affiliate codes that give me a commission on any sale that is generated from people who came from this website. So if I do a good job of finding cool products that people are going to buy, then I can make some money and we’re all happy! If you come to this site and just hang out and don’t buy anything, that’s awesome too, all are welcome.

I have a personal blog at BillyStyle.com. I still haven’t gotten into a regular pattern of posting over there, but it’s been up for a few years now, so it’s got a fair amount of content.

So that’s all for now. Thanks for visiting my site and please feel free to comment on the posts. I love to hear from readers, it makes it feel like I’m actually getting through to somebody out there. Soon I hope to have a contact form up so I can get emails from visitors. I want to make sure I do it right so I don’t get spam bombed…we all hate those guys.

In the mean time, you can email me at: Billy [at] the-gift-idea-blog.com

Til next post, have a great day!
This is me.
This picture is me standing in front of J. Rodger’s Bar-B-Que Inc. in Mobile, Alabama. It is to date the best BBQ food I’ve tasted.

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