Anniversary Crystal Flute Set

Make this year’s wedding anniversary last a lifetime. Looking for a great wedding anniversary gift idea? The personalized crystal flute set is the perfect long-lasting anniversary gift.

Each flute shaped crystal glass is 8½” tall with a twisted stem. Your names and the anniversary date will be engraved along with one of two different designs. Even if it’s an anniversary year that isn’t a multiple of 5, you can still do it! Personally, I’d go for a different number, like 13 or 27 or something unusual, just for fun! That’ll make people look twice.

Anniversary Crystal Flute Set

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  • Gift Ideas says:

    Gift ideas for anniversary must be always evergreen and cute one such that it can impress your life partner. Now, Crystal flute set is really imaging one with the names engraved on it along with the date of anniversary on it, which makes this gift sweeter. After looking at this gift, after n number of years or days, anyone’s memory can be refreshed and those moments can strike our heart. Good one dear!!!!

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