Corporate gift ideas for the workplace.

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster SetThese coasters light up when a drink is set down on them! Since they are from, naturally, they are all labeled as radioactive elements. Here is the list of those elements:

  • Radium-226 (Red)
  • Plutonium-244 (Blue)
  • Uranium-238 (Green)
  • Thorium-232 (Orange)

They look pretty cool. I haven’t seen them in person, but I really want some! Right now, for coasters, I just use some old hard drives I took from some of my old computers, which look cool, but not this cool! I just said cool a lot. Also cool, the batteries are included!

This video alone made me want to buy them. It’s so great. If you love the song as much as I do, you’ll want to click this here link:
TK-421 by MCFlashdance at SoundCloud.

Light up your drinks here.

Happy Birthday Cards from Tiny Prints

Happy BirthdayCards are a key element of gift giving. These particular cards are designed with corporate birthdays in mind. It’s a nice design that fits any style birthday.

These cards are personalizable, which I don’t think is a word, but I’m going to use it anyway. Why not stock up on birthday cards anyway? See, I say that because the minimum order for these cards is 25. That may be a bit much for the casual gift-giver, but for a company with hundreds of employees, this makes it nice and easy to distribute good wishes on those many special days.

Get a lot of cards here.

PANIC Button

PANIC ButtonJust what everybody needs at work, a panic button! Slap this puppy on your keyboard and have some fun with your fellow employees.

The button doesn’t do anything of course, and I’m not sure if it even depresses at all, but boy it sure looks good! One tip in the comments on the product’s page is that it’s not too great of an idea to put it on a laptop computer…it won’t shut thereafter.

Need to get a cheap gift for everybody in the office? Give them a bag of panic buttons!

Hit that panic button here.

Mini Liquid Dispenser at ThinkGeek

Mini Liquid DispenserKnow somebody who loves to be fully hydrated but is just too busy to ever make it over to the water cooler? Why not bring the water to them? Of course, they could pull a Dwight and just drag the cooler over by their desk so they can catch up on all the scuttlebutt.

Now, the best part about this is that the desk resident can, as they say, think outside the box. Why just stick with water? It can be filled with any liquid really. Apple juice (the first load may not last quick as co-workers may think it’s beer), a tasty carbonated beverage, or my favorite, milk. One small problem with non-water beverages is that the dispenser is just a dispenser: no cooling power is included. So maybe it would be a great syrup dispenser, gotta love the syrup!

It’s less than 2 feet tall and holds a gallon of anything you can fit in there. No guarantees that it’ll dispense something like soup without getting clogged however. I’d probably just stick to water. Might want to remind the recipient of the gift that it isn’t self cleaning…just in case.

Dispense water all over someone’s desk here.
Mini Liquid Dispenser

Bluetooth Retro Handset at ThinkGeek

Here’s a gift that I have received before, and I must tell you, it was one of the greatest gifts I’ve got in a good while. It’s a Bluetooth handset that looks like a toy. It’s a great way to make people think you have finally gone off the deep end.

The one I have is the corded version, which you can get here. That one comes with different connections for specific cell phones. It’s a great move to walk into a room while actually having a conversation on this thing. People will look a little weird at you at first, then give a courtesy laugh, thinking you are just using a toy a little too convincingly. Then comes the fun part. Tell whoever you’re talking to to hold on, then hand the handset to the unsuspecting observer. Chances are they’ll at least try to make you feel good by going along with it, then when they hear someone respond to them, sit back and enjoy the shock in their eyes.

I don’t have a Bluetooth cell phone, but I can imagine it’s even more shocking when there is no chord attached. I think this is a great gift idea for that special someone who feels they must always have that earpiece clinging to the side of their head, whether they’re using it or not.

Kick it old school here.

Wooden USB Memory Stick by Oooms

Wooden USB Memory Stick by OoomsThese things look pretty awesome in action. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a little hunk of real wood sticking out of the back or side of a computer. Each one of these USB flash memory sticks is a one of a kind real piece of wood.

It’s a great mix of technology with back woods style. Passers by may think that someone walked by with a stick and crammed it into the side of your laptop. They have 1 gigabyte of storage, so they’re decent sized drives. Just enough to transfer those work documents and maybe a few songs between the home and office.

I’m not sure if these come with a cap for the USB connector. Either way, if they do or not, the recipient of this one-of-a-kind gift idea may want to be careful about leaving this lying around where trash may be picked up. There is an extension USB cord that can be purchased at the site at well. Imagine how crazy someone would look with a cord leading from their computer to a little stick. I love it!

Stick it to technology here.

Set Your Computer Ablaze with Memlite

MemliteIf you’re like me, many times you’ve found yourself saying “If only there was something that let me set fire to things and store my files at the same time.” Doesn’t sound like something you’ve said? Well maybe someone you know wishes for just that. If so, this is the perfect weird and unique gift idea!

So what is this thing? Well, it’s a lighter/USB drive combo. It’s a swell idea I suppose. I imagine it would mostly come in handy for those who tend to prefer the smoke inhalation, but hey, who doesn’t like setting things on fire?

The Memlite comes in six colors (at the time of posting, I imagine there may be more later on), and four different sizes, from 512 mb to 4 gb. I’m not sure how that’s possible, since the picture makes the USB part look pretty small, but all I know is that the largest one is 4 gb, which is pretty sweet.

Warning: The site has some somewhat loud music, but it can be turned off. The place to turn it off is near the bottom right of the image; it’s the little vertical bars moving up and down. Also, I’ve managed to have the page freak out on me and just keep loading, blasting the music. If that happens, close the window and try again. So go look at the Memlite.

Red Swingline Stapler

Red Swingline Stapler
Know somebody just like Milton who needs some cheering up in their cubicle? Get them their very own Red Swingline Stapler!

This is the real deal, made by Swingline themselves. It may become the most highly coveted item in the entire office. It’s a quality product, and will be good for years of stapling things like TPS cover sheets and the like. Show your loved one that you truly care about their status in their own office space by getting them the best piece of awesome a cubicle can have.

Get it at

Odd Jobs Book

oddjobs.jpgOdd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations makes for a great coffee table book. It’s all about people who do things that most of us have never even considered. Some of the jobs include dog sniffer, odor judge, and dinosaur bone duster.

The book is about 8″ by 8″, so it won’t be a huge coffee table book. It has some great black and white photos of the people doing these strange jobs. Great for something to keep on your desk at work in case you need something to pass the time or maybe to bring with you while you take care of personal matters on the porcelain throne.

Odd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations