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Mahogany 2-Drawer Chocolate Box

Mahogany 2-Drawer Chocolate BoxValentine’s Day is coming up quickly, again. You know what that means; flowers and chocolates!

So today I bring you chocolate, and I’m not messing around this time. ZChocolat has quite possibly the World’s best chocolates, as far as I can tell. I was just clicking around their site and it’s seriously impressive stuff. See the little assortment in the drawer in the picture there? I thought that the brown and white things were little boxes that the chocolate came in, but no, that is the chocolate! Each one is individually numbered with a real nice font.

Since I can’t come anywhere close to typing something as magical as they have, here’s what ZChocolat has to say about this 30 piece Mahogany set:

Chocolate Reflections. A very wise man once mused Fortunate is the chocolate thus roaming the world through women’s smiles finds its death over a flavorful and melting kiss in their mouths. This quote by Anthelme Brillat-Savarin comes to life in a most sumptuous way as the 30 chocolates in this selection are unveiled. Two drawers open to reveal a magnificent display of handmade chocolates held in a beautiful mahogany box that is adorned with the French version of Monsieur Savarin’s words. An evening of chocolate and poetry has never been so inviting.

See? So if you have the funds (I know I don’t) and want to show your true love how much she means to you, and if she loves chocolate, then do it the right way!

Even if you don’t plan on buying any, go check out the site here. It’s crazy impressive for a chocolate site.

Titanium Spork

Titanium SporkI got this (along with a couple other things) for my Father at Christmas. He is quite the spork enthusiast, and really, it doesn’t get any better than a titanium spork. He loved it. I’m not sure if he still uses it, as that was well over a year ago now, but I tell you what, I’m sure it’s still in pristine condition!

Now, why a titanium spork you ask? I say why not! Most sporks are wonderfully convenient, but terribly flimsy. And most often, they still have little plastic seams left on the edges to cut your lip, ouch! This titanium spork is smoothly crafted into a perfectly gentle, but sturdy, large sized spork. Really, the thing is big, see that image there? It’s even bigger in real life! It measures 6 1/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Go measure one of your spoons, probably nowhere near that size.

One last thought about a spork, that I took from my Father: Why not call it a foon?

Get a real spork at


BittersweetsTired of the same old little Valentine’s Day chalky hearts? Well these are the same antacid type of treat, but they have much different messages on them than the usual.

The three tins to choose from are Dejected, Dysfunctional, and Dumped. This picture gives a little peek at what to expect from these. Clicking through will give you the entire list of every inscription on these hearts. Have some fun giving out downer hearts this year!

Valentine’s downers here.

Checker Cake

Checker CakeCheck (pun intended) this cake out! This thing is great and I have no idea how in the world they do it. I mean, the cakes I’ve made start as batter which is liquidy and tough to keep separated from other colored batters. Crazy.

It’s a checkered chocolate and vanilla cake. The thing looks delicious and of course, is shipped overnight so you get it fresh. That’s a seriously appetizing looking cake. The site says that if you want to change the top of the cake (which I don’t know why anyone would, other than to maybe surprise the cake-cutter with the checkers), you can get it inscribed with something of your choice free of charge. Of course, then the checkers are gone so the inscribe words are legible.

Anyway, this thing is pretty sweet (another pun!) looking, so give it to somebody ay?

Play checkers with food here.

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Play and Freeze Ice Cream MakerI love the taste of homemade ice cream. It’s weird to me how differently it tastes than the store-bought stuff. I haven’t had it for years though because it always seems like such a chore to make. You have to find somebody who has one of those big old ice cream makers. Then you have to put all the time into getting the stuff set up just right.

Now there is a solution for people like me! Here’s all you do with the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker. Add ice and rock salt in one end, and add the ice cream ingredients in the other end. Roll it around for 15 minutes (good use of kids’ energy when they hear mention of ice cream) and presto, ice cream is served! If you’re like me, you don’t know what ice cream ingredients are. Apparently it’s as easy as cream, sugar, and vanilla. But no worries, a recipe list is included with each ice cream maker.

They come in a whole bunch of colors and 2 different sizes – pint and quart. There are also links on Amazon’s product site to order rock salt and other ingredients if you wish.

Roll some ice cream around here.