For the Home

Mushroom Lamps

Mushroom LampsThese mushroom lamps are totally awesome. They look like little magic mushrooms that an Italian plumber may use to gain an extra life or perhaps grow to twice his size. I’m not sure how much of a room they would lighten up, but perhaps they could serve as a perfect little night light. They are touch lamps, since you just bonk them on the head to turn them on and off.

Maybe you know someone who needs a nice little (and I do mean little, they’re only a few inches tall) desk lamp, since they aren’t down with the whole lava lamp scene. Or perhaps you’d like to just have some random little mushrooms lit up around your pool at night. No strings (or chords in this case) attached! I love gifts like these, because they are cheap, and you can get one, two, or three if you want. The recipient of the mushroom lamp(s) will be none the wiser if you get them two blue ones even. Lovely!

Obviously, they come in three colors: red, green, and blue. They run on one AA battery, so that’s nice and easy. This is one I know I’ll save for a future Christmas gift idea.

Get the Mushroom Lamps here.

Homer Simpson Cookie Jar by Perpetual Kid

Homer Simpson Cookie Jar by Perpetual KidDoh! Know that special someone who sits at their desk all day just wishing they had a great place to keep their snacks away from their fellow employees? Maybe a cubicle resident with the munchies? Give them the gift of Homer.

This cookie jar is a beauty. It’s a foot tall, so it’s a pretty good size. The owner of the Homer cookie jar will have the option to have him say something each time a goodie is taken out of his head. He’ll say some classic Homer phrases, of course including “Doh!” The voice shows up with his pop-top head is lifted by his hair strand handles. It requires 2 AA batteries, which are actually included. Pretty wild in today’s society that batteries would be included with something as insignificant as a cookie jar. That’s top notch work by Perpetual Kid.

Go get the Homer Cookie Jar.

The Ex – Unique Knife Holder from ThinkGeek

The Ex - Unique Knife Holder from ThinkGeekI love that this knife holder is called The Ex. Apparently it’s a more legal way to take your anger out on a person-shaped thing.

This is one of the most awesome things I’ve seen, period. It will always be a conversation piece and a wonderful gift idea. It comes in three colors, and has more cool stuff to it than what you see in the picture. Well, you can see it I guess, but it’s invisible. What am I talking about? Magnetism!

The knife holder comes with five stainless steel knives, each with its own protective sleeve to keep yourself cut-free and the knives free of dust I suppose. But the cool part is that each knife slot is magnetized. That will keep them right at home in their proper place even when people are picking it up to look at it. I think I may give this gift to many people I know. I just hope they don’t all find out!

The Ex – Unique Knife Holder from ThinkGeek