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Unique gift ideas for her, for wife, daughter, girlfriend, mother, sister, grandmother.

Trinity Wooden Cuff

Trinity Wooden CuffThis eye-catching cuff cuts against the grain of traditional jewelry design–instead of metal or plastic, it’s crafted from natural hardwoods.

The interlocking bands get their distinct colors not from artificial dyes or paint, but from the varieties of wood that are used: Cherry, Walnut and Wenge. The bracelets flex to slide onto your wrist, and naturally relax with the warmth of your body to provide the perfect fit.

The wood is finished with three coats of tung oil, and given a protective coat of carnauba wax. Designer Henry Wischusen uses woven bands of veneer both for their striking beauty and because the thin slices are a more efficient use of a natural resource than carving away at a block of wood. Handmade in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Pixel Heart Heat Changing MugThis thing is cool! Or hot, when you put a drink in it.

Get your valentine a special mug that will warm their heart…or at least the mug’s heart! As you can see on the right there, the heart on this mug changes color based on its temperature. So with a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or whatever else you like to drink at high temperatures from a mug, you get a fully red heart. As the mug cools and your stomach fills, the heart will return to its lowly black state.

This is a great little gift, and even something you can get for guys because it’s kind of sort of techy. It does have an 8-bit style to it at least. But be sure that nobody throws it in the microwave or dishwasher. Those will each ruin the color-changing-ness of the mug.

Show your valentine they are loved, just like coffee.

Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Deals

Valentine's Day at Amazon.comWith Valentine’s Day just 10 days away (as I’m posting this), there is still a bit of time left to browse and find the best gifts at the best prices.

Amazon’s got the largest quality gift selection, as far as I can tell. The discounts range from 10% off all the way up to 60% off, in just about every category imaginable.

Here is just a quick list of categories you can check out with this link:

  • Beauty
  • Clothing (for him, her, kids)
  • Fragrance
  • Jewelry
  • Watches (for him and her)
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Home Improvement
  • Plush Gifts
  • Crafty Gifts
  • Books for Kids and Teens
  • Kindle Gifts
  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Home Audio and Headphones

Click on over to to finish your Valentine’s Day shopping.

Disney Stuff

Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney FigurinesSince opening this blog a couple years back, I have moved to Central Florida, which is where the magical land of Disney World resides. With Christmas coming up soon, many little girls want nothing more than some great little gifts from Disney.

Check out everything from Hannah Montana dolls to Tinkerbell necklaces to Mickey Mouse phones. There are all kinds of figurines and statuettes representing many Disney characters. This is the real stuff too, no rip offs here. Due to that, the prices are gonna make the purchase count, but the face of the recipient should be well worth it!

So head on over to check out the full line of Disney collectibles.

Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

Diamond Blessings Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace: Heart-Shaped Irish Jewelry GiftGive her a little Irish luck and good blessing to hang around her neck. Here’s the official write-up on this St. Patrick’s Day gift:

Heart-shaped Diamond Pendant with Real Four-leaf Clover, 17 Crystals, Genuine Solitaire Diamond! Stunning Irish Jewelry Gift! – Since early times, finding a four-leaf clover has meant that good fortune is coming your way. That’s because each rare clover bestows faith, hope, love and luck upon the one who finds it – one special blessing for each leaf. Now, wear this heart-shaped diamond pendant necklace and hold these blessings close to your heart wherever you go!

A Bradford Exchange exclusive, this Irish four-leaf clover pendant necklace is fine jewelry handcrafted and plated in 24K gold. Its heart-within-a-heart design features a genuine four-leaf clover on mother-of-pearl, 17 faceted crystals, and a genuine solitaire diamond. It hangs from an 18″ 24K-gold-plated chain and arrives in a custom case. Bestow good fortune upon yourself or a loved one with this special Irish jewelry gift, but don’t wait! Strong demand is expected.

So there you have it!

Bless her neck here.

It’s Almost Mother’s Day in the UK!

Flowers at, I just now found out that Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom is March 2nd this year (2008)! So this is an urgent update to give our friends East of the Atlantic a place to order some last minute flowers for Mother. Actually, the title of this particular product is Tulips for Mum.

So for those of you with a Mum who would love some flowers over there, check out for a great selection of nicely priced floral arrangements for Mum…and for any other occasion as well!

Make Mum happy here.

Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

Personalized Baby Shower InvitationsNow, I’ve never been to a baby shower, and as a guy, I’m not sure I ever will go to one. That’s just fine with me, but if I saw this invitation card lying around, I might want to go check it out!

This is another personalized card from There are a whole slew of baby shower invitations on the site right here. Some are funny, others are classy, most of them have great style.

Invite someone to party about a baby here.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

8-Bit Dynamic Life ShirtThis is pretty cool. ThinkGeek has a pair of t-shirts that will light up with hearts when you are near your loved one. So here’s what you do. Get two of these shirts, one for you and one for your significant other, and then when you’re apart, you’ll each have only 2½ hearts lit up, but when you’re near each other, all 6 hearts will light up. Pretty neat huh?

See the idea is, if you haven’t got it, to make it seem as though each of the t-shirt wearers are in a video game. In games, like Zelda, you want your hearts to be full, that means you’re strong and have perfect health. When they start to diminish, things aren’t looking so hot. So when you’re with your lover, things are looking good.

Of course, there are some things to do to get it set up right, like plug in a little transmitter that detects when the other person is nearby, but it’s totally worth it! You could both wear these shirts to a Valentine’s Day party or any other social event where you want to woo people with your love for each other. Could be a good time for everybody!

Let your hearts grow here.

Natural Pink Pearl Sterling Silver Designer Pendant

Natural Pink Pearl Sterling Silver Designer Pendant
I had to blog about this one because it’s so unique looking. I think I might call it a Glob-O-Riches.

I kind of like the style of it though, it looks like it could be rearranged this way or that. The pink stones are freshwater pink colored pearl. Mix that with a bunch of little sterling silver beads and you’ve got something great to hang around your lady’s neck. has quite a bit of unique jewelry for ladies and men around the Valentine’s Day holiday. Good times!

Get her some pink and silver here.

Sports Heart Shaped Pendants

Sports Heart Shaped Pendants
I’ve been watching some tennis lately, at the moment the Australian Open is happening. So with Valentine’s Day coming up, why not mix sports and hearts?

The pendant, or locket, is available in 9 sports styles: Basketball, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Skating, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball. The pendant is made of solid sterling silver and accented with 24K gold highlights.

If you know that girl who loves her sport more than almost anything else, help her show that love in style. The back side even has a little proclamation of the love of the sport.

Put a sport on her neck here.

I Love You Photo Frame

I Love You Building Blocks Photo FrameHere’s a nice little photo frame for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. I found this in the “for her” section, and I was thinking it might work for a guy or girl, but the little guy is the one building the blocks, so I think it’s intended for women.

The frame holds a 5×7 picture in place. It’s on sale for a little over half price right now, so it’s a pretty good deal as a nice Valentine’s Day gift idea. They’ve got other stuff over there, so check their stuff out if you feel so inclined.

Build a small photo frame here.

Dirty Girl Bubble Bath

Dirty Girl Bubble BathThis must be how dirty girls like to get cleaned, in a bubble bath. I like the product description:

A Lily-fresh fragrance turns even the dirtiest girl into a specimen of beauty! Tub tested!

So that’s all you really need to know!

Get a dirty girl clean here.

Black Onyx Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Black Onyx Sterling Silver Dangle EarringsI dig earrings. I don’t notice a lot of them however. These ones would go noticed even by an unobservant guy like myself.

Made of synthetic black onyx and sterling silver, these are simple and to the point. The design on them is simple and elegant at the same time. They are each a little over an inch long, just the right size.

There’s not a lot more to say about them except that they really don’t cost much. There are also a lot of other great earrings over at

Style up those lobes here.