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Worry Box Angels

Worry Box AngelsThese elegant angels come in sets of two in their own worry box. A worry box is something that you use to make a wish come true. You write down a wish on a piece of paper, put it in the box, and it gets delivered to the heavens, according to word on the streets.

The guardian angel figurines inside this musical worry box have serenely beautiful faces, outstretched wings and pastel accents; the angel figurines can be easily removed, to help share your problems and ease your cares. Like sparkling stars, glittering glass jewels add heavenly sparkle to this elegant music box. Hand-applied embellishments of shimmering platinum adorn the angels and the exterior of this beautiful musical guardian angel worry box.

Quite the fancy little elegant gift idea I must say.

Put your worries in a box here.

Pumpkin Earrings

Pumpkin EarringsHere are some festive Halloween earrings. They’re pretty small and dainty. Each pumpkin is only 3/8″ in diameter.

Know a girl who likes to show a little holiday cheer? I’m sure she’d love these little ditties. I just noticed at the time I’m writing this post that there is only one set of these available. Whoa boy, better get them while they’re hot! No worries though, the website there has a lot of neat little hand made Halloween earrings; in case you miss this one.

Dangle pumpkins from ears here.

Make Yourself at Home Magnet Set by BlueQ

Make Yourself at Home Magnet Set by BlueQI get the feeling we’ll be seeing plenty more of this BlueQ stuff. It’s hilarious! This time around we’ve got the Make Yourself at Home magnet set. It has five individual magnets with the classic American Mother character.

The sayings on each magnet are great. One says If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen. The one that cracked me up is I child-proofed my house but they still get in.

I love a good kitchen magnet, and these are some very fine ones. They’re a great gift idea for any housewife out there. I’d even be happy to get these and I’m a bachelor.

Decorate a fridge here.

Hello Kitty Sexy Girl Cell Phone Strap

Hello Kitty Sexy Girl Cell Phone StrapI realized that most of the gift ideas I’ve put up here appeal more to me than non-me. So I figured I’d go the opposite way this time. That said…

Hello Kitty!

That’s right. It’s the Sexy Girl collection Hello Kitty Cell Phone Strap. I didn’t even know what a cell phone strap was, and honestly, still don’t have a very clear idea of what it is. It looks to be some type of cell phone bling. What better bling to have than Hello Kitty? I’m not sure if this works with all phones. I think they have to have a loop of some sort to clip onto. Anyway, I love the little Japanese to English write up on the site:

It’s a little bit surprise, Kitty turns into aglamorous girl. Sitting in a big high heel with a sexy costume, she looks so attractive. Find Kitty’s other side of charm.

If I ever bling my phone, I’m going all out Hello Kitty, you’d better believe it!

A little bit surprise somebody with Hello Kitty.


WebkinzI first heard about these little plush stuffed animals a few months ago from a girl who is in her mid 20s. She got one recently and can’t get enough of it. Now, they are catered to children, but apparently any age can have fun with them.

Remember those Tamagotchi things around 10 years back? Yeah, I had one of those. It was pretty awesome. It was a bird of some sort, a chicken or a duck I think. Anyway, these are kind of like that, only different. I think this is how it works. You buy the plush pet, which is a normal stuffed animal. Each animal comes with its own ID code of some sort. With that code, you can become a member of the Webkinz World. That is where the pet comes alive.

There’s a short little tour on the site to catch you up to speed about the Webkinz World. It looks like a fully interactive community focused on these little furry things. So you can treat the stuffed pet like any other one you may have, but then go on the computer and see it walking around in a virtual world. Pretty wild stuff. It’s not all fun and games either. There looks to be some educational activities in there too.

Check out the Webkinz here.

Sari Reds Necklace

Sari Reds NecklaceNow, I just scoured the web to educate myself as to the definition of sari. Having learned that it is a traditional Indian female garment, I’m really not too sure why this is called Sari Reds Necklace. It isn’t fabric, and I don’t believe it’s from India. I do know, however, that it’s a nice, subtle style that would look good on a woman with class.

Apparently the necklace is held together with what is called gold-filled wire. It’s not solid gold, but it’s bonded together in a way to make it the next best thing to solid gold, and of course, at a more favorable price. The necklace can be adjusted just by clasping it shut wherever the wearer would like it clasped, no problem.

Get it at

Busted Tees Has Some Good Stuff

Busted Tees
For a quick and easy gift for a witty guy or girl you know, take a look at Busted Tees. There are plenty of t-shirt websites I’ve seen these days. I think Busted Tees has the best, and wittiest, selection.

Some of my favorites are Fantasy Football, The Second Amendment, and this one that has a picture of a football on it with the caption Soccer. Oh the cleverness!

Don’t be surprised if you end up buying a shirt or two for yourself as well. Most of the shirts will be a great conversation piece, or at least get you some pretty confused looks. Most of the shirts are relatively unoffensive, which is nice for a change. Check out the site by clicking the picture or the little link right below this here paragraph.

Link: Busted Tees