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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's DayThere’s still some time to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift! With a few days left, you can order as late as the 12th and still get your stuff.

Head over to for a huge gift guide for everybody. For him, for her, for kids, for couples, and personalized gifts of all kinds!

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Instant Irish Accent Breath SprayTurn anybody Irish for as long as this amazing breath spray stays in effect! Here’s the official description:

Paddy O’Connell’s Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray radically changes the way you speak. Works instantly. One quick spritz activates invisible language receptors in the mouth. Fresh on the tongue like the mists off the cliffs of Moher!

It’s pretty much the greatest spray ever made.

Spray it Irish here.

Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

Diamond Blessings Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace: Heart-Shaped Irish Jewelry GiftGive her a little Irish luck and good blessing to hang around her neck. Here’s the official write-up on this St. Patrick’s Day gift:

Heart-shaped Diamond Pendant with Real Four-leaf Clover, 17 Crystals, Genuine Solitaire Diamond! Stunning Irish Jewelry Gift! – Since early times, finding a four-leaf clover has meant that good fortune is coming your way. That’s because each rare clover bestows faith, hope, love and luck upon the one who finds it – one special blessing for each leaf. Now, wear this heart-shaped diamond pendant necklace and hold these blessings close to your heart wherever you go!

A Bradford Exchange exclusive, this Irish four-leaf clover pendant necklace is fine jewelry handcrafted and plated in 24K gold. Its heart-within-a-heart design features a genuine four-leaf clover on mother-of-pearl, 17 faceted crystals, and a genuine solitaire diamond. It hangs from an 18″ 24K-gold-plated chain and arrives in a custom case. Bestow good fortune upon yourself or a loved one with this special Irish jewelry gift, but don’t wait! Strong demand is expected.

So there you have it!

Bless her neck here.

It’s Almost Mother’s Day in the UK!

Flowers at, I just now found out that Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom is March 2nd this year (2008)! So this is an urgent update to give our friends East of the Atlantic a place to order some last minute flowers for Mother. Actually, the title of this particular product is Tulips for Mum.

So for those of you with a Mum who would love some flowers over there, check out for a great selection of nicely priced floral arrangements for Mum…and for any other occasion as well!

Make Mum happy here.

Giant Leprechaun Hat

Giant Leprechaun HatI think Saint Patrick’s Day is the nearest holiday now after Valentine’s Day comes and passes. So I figured this would be a great first St. Patty’s Day gift idea. I just love this picture too, the guy’s facial expression is priceless.

It’s obviously a giant hat for an over-sized leprechaun. I think this would be a great hat to wear around the office all day on March 17th. Since you’ve got to wear green to avoid getting pinched, this is the perfect addition to somebody’s wardrobe!

This is also a great chance to possibly pressure somebody into feeling uncomfortable. Here’s what I mean: Give this as a gift to a co-worker or even better yet, your boss. Then when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, they will feel obligated to wear it. So to make that idea work even better, give it to somebody who is very shy or easily embarrassed and sit back and enjoy!

Turn somebody into a giant leprechaun here.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

8-Bit Dynamic Life ShirtThis is pretty cool. ThinkGeek has a pair of t-shirts that will light up with hearts when you are near your loved one. So here’s what you do. Get two of these shirts, one for you and one for your significant other, and then when you’re apart, you’ll each have only 2½ hearts lit up, but when you’re near each other, all 6 hearts will light up. Pretty neat huh?

See the idea is, if you haven’t got it, to make it seem as though each of the t-shirt wearers are in a video game. In games, like Zelda, you want your hearts to be full, that means you’re strong and have perfect health. When they start to diminish, things aren’t looking so hot. So when you’re with your lover, things are looking good.

Of course, there are some things to do to get it set up right, like plug in a little transmitter that detects when the other person is nearby, but it’s totally worth it! You could both wear these shirts to a Valentine’s Day party or any other social event where you want to woo people with your love for each other. Could be a good time for everybody!

Let your hearts grow here.

Photo Valentine’s Day Cards

Photo Valentine's Day CardsHere are some more Valentine’s Day cards. This particular one is pink with just a hint of chocolate brown in the border for a nice change. Obviously, you can put your own picture in there of you or your family, or really anything you want.

Here’s an idea for ya. Get a picture of some guys who are roommates in college, order some cards with their pictures on them and then send those cards to people they know! That would be a swell prank.

Put a photo in a card here.

Christmas Photo Cards at

Christmas Photo has just under 100 unique styles of personalized photo Christmas Cards available. The particular one pictured there is called December Tea.

I think it’s a great way to add some style to the pile of cheesy Christmas cards that are sure to show up in many mailboxes across the country. There are a good many different styles and color schemes. There are also a whole bunch of Happy Holidays cards to pick from.

That reminds me of another random tangent story. A good friend back home and his fellow associates came up with the most unoffensive holiday season greeting to use: “Peaceful Solstice!” I don’t believe there is any chance that a person could be offended by hearing someone say “Peaceful Solstice,” so feel free to use it!

Put some faces on a stylin’ card here.

Worry Box Angels

Worry Box AngelsThese elegant angels come in sets of two in their own worry box. A worry box is something that you use to make a wish come true. You write down a wish on a piece of paper, put it in the box, and it gets delivered to the heavens, according to word on the streets.

The guardian angel figurines inside this musical worry box have serenely beautiful faces, outstretched wings and pastel accents; the angel figurines can be easily removed, to help share your problems and ease your cares. Like sparkling stars, glittering glass jewels add heavenly sparkle to this elegant music box. Hand-applied embellishments of shimmering platinum adorn the angels and the exterior of this beautiful musical guardian angel worry box.

Quite the fancy little elegant gift idea I must say.

Put your worries in a box here.

Pumpkin Earrings

Pumpkin EarringsHere are some festive Halloween earrings. They’re pretty small and dainty. Each pumpkin is only 3/8″ in diameter.

Know a girl who likes to show a little holiday cheer? I’m sure she’d love these little ditties. I just noticed at the time I’m writing this post that there is only one set of these available. Whoa boy, better get them while they’re hot! No worries though, the website there has a lot of neat little hand made Halloween earrings; in case you miss this one.

Dangle pumpkins from ears here.

Candy Corn Candle at Etsy

Candy Corn Candle at EtsyI don’t eat much candy these days, but candy corn is one of those things that I could just keep eating for a long while. So here we have the candy corn candle. Its fragrance is supposed to smell like the candy. Well, probably not smell like the candy, since they have no odor. I think it smells like the candy tastes.

The description lists the fragrance as a sweet yummy honey vanilla. That sounds about right. I was thinking just sugar, but sweet yummy honey vanilla sounds quite a bit better in the form of a candle. It’s not a big candle, just 3½” tall, but that should be enough to burn much longer than just when trick-or-treaters are knocking on your door. If you order more than one, the shipping price drops, so you might as well get your favorite candy corn lover a few of these scented candles.

Smell like candy corn here.