South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of TruthWow, what a game! The years of hard work that the creators of South Park have put into this game are clearly evident. Matt Stone and Trey Parker were determined to create a game that looks exactly like the TV show. They nailed it.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a nice little role playing game. You fight enemies using weapons you’ve found or bought and skills you’ve learned through the course of the game. Other than that, this game is so different than any other I’ve played, because it had me laughing myself to tears every few minutes I played it. It’s the funniest game I’ve ever played, by a long shot.

If you know anybody who is remotely into video games and South Park, this is a great gift for them! I just finished my first play through of it, and I’m sure I’ll get through it at least a couple more times, just in this year alone.

So come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine.


ClockyKnow somebody who has trouble waking up? Do they even constantly lose the battle with the alarm clock snooze button? Well, you can help them become more punctual in an entertaining way with Clocky!

Here’s how the little guy works. You choose the length of the snooze time from 0 to 9 minutes. Clocky will let you snooze one time. The next time you hit snooze, it’s go time! Clocky will bail off of the nightstand (or any surface safely dropping up to 3 feet) onto your carpet or hard floor and look for a hiding spot, beeping all along the way. The sheer frustration is sure to wake up the snoozy sleeper.

There are plenty of other things Clocky does such as light up the display when you hit snooze when the alarm isn’t activated, warn you well in advance when the battery is low, and can even be put into stationary mode if you don’t want to chase him the next morning.

Help wake that sleepy head up!

Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game

Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger GameHere’s a weird one for ya! This little box has different digital characters who live inside. You get to stick your gigantic (in proportion to them) finger in a hole on the side of the box and mess with the little creatures! Why not?

Being one of the weirdest things I’ve posted on this blog, I feel it appropriate to include a little video demonstration of said weirdness. Here’s a little clip of this Virtual Finger Game I found on YouTube.

The clip starts out with a tiny stick man being terrorized by the huge finger. Then at the push of a real button on the housing of the box, a menu appears. That menu, apparently, cycles through the characters with the touch of a digital button. The finger goes on to play with a blob and then an adorable panda who is clinging onto a tire swing. Just precious. Bonus: The song is mesmerizing.

Stick your finger in this link here.

Titanium Spork

Titanium SporkI got this (along with a couple other things) for my Father at Christmas. He is quite the spork enthusiast, and really, it doesn’t get any better than a titanium spork. He loved it. I’m not sure if he still uses it, as that was well over a year ago now, but I tell you what, I’m sure it’s still in pristine condition!

Now, why a titanium spork you ask? I say why not! Most sporks are wonderfully convenient, but terribly flimsy. And most often, they still have little plastic seams left on the edges to cut your lip, ouch! This titanium spork is smoothly crafted into a perfectly gentle, but sturdy, large sized spork. Really, the thing is big, see that image there? It’s even bigger in real life! It measures 6 1/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Go measure one of your spoons, probably nowhere near that size.

One last thought about a spork, that I took from my Father: Why not call it a foon?

Get a real spork at

The Big Lebowski – 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Big Lebowski - 10th Anniversary Limited EditionIf you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski (and don’t mind moderate to heavy levels of crudeness), you should do yourself a favor and pick this up. This is such a fine movie, well written and acted out perfectly.

I’ve checked this out a bit, and it appears as though the “Limited Edition” part of this doesn’t so much have anything to do with the content, but more with the packaging, which I think is brilliant. Word is there are a few interviews with the cast, but nothing too special. All that’s okay though, if you’re like me and have been telling yourself that you need to own this movie, now is the time. And of course, if you already own it, buy this version for a friend and leave the mark of The Dude on their shelf for all to see!

Bowl a movie into the collection here.

Supersize Earbud Speakers

Supersize Earbud SpeakersGive somebody a gift that looks like you stole from a giant! These gigantic ipod-style earbud speakers are claimed to be 500 times the size of the headphones that come with ipods. 500 times!

The speakers connect to the non-giant’s computer via USB cable and have their own built-in amplifier. There’s no fancy stand or anything, but they will lay there on a desk looking great. Sure to start up a conversation anytime somebody glances at them for the first time.

So if you know a mac lover who would love to have their earbuds in all day, but can’t due to work regulations, get them the oversized earbuds so they can get their fix.

Get the huge earbuds here.

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Instant Irish Accent Breath SprayTurn anybody Irish for as long as this amazing breath spray stays in effect! Here’s the official description:

Paddy O’Connell’s Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray radically changes the way you speak. Works instantly. One quick spritz activates invisible language receptors in the mouth. Fresh on the tongue like the mists off the cliffs of Moher!

It’s pretty much the greatest spray ever made.

Spray it Irish here.

The Batman Handbook

The Batman HandbookWho doesn’t want to have the abilities of the winged superhero that is Batman? With this guide, you can help somebody become well versed in superhero feats that are everyday activities to the man from Gotham City.

Some things that are taught in this handy handbook are:

  • Train a Sidekick
  • Execute a Backflip
  • Survive a Poison Gas Attack
  • Throw a Grappling Hook

There are dozens more Batman style techniques taught in this handbook. The owner of this book will even learn how to make a Batsuit and how to bulletproof their Batmobile. Pretty sweet huh?

Help somebody become Batman here.

Flying Animals

Flying AnimalsWhat every office space needs is a slew of flying pigs. Maybe a monkey or two soaring through the air. And why not top it all off with a chicken to boot?

Now that dream of flying pigs is a reality! This trio of flying animals will not only fly into a desk 6 cubicles away, but make plenty of noise on the trip. As the image so colorfully displays, each animal makes a different sound of glee whilst soaring through the air.

The way it works is simple. The arms (or chicken’s neck) have elastic bands in them and a little place to put your fingers as anchors. Pull the animal back and let her rip!

Oh, and I suppose kids would love these airborne animals as well…not just bored office workers!

Send an animal into the air here.

PANIC Button

PANIC ButtonJust what everybody needs at work, a panic button! Slap this puppy on your keyboard and have some fun with your fellow employees.

The button doesn’t do anything of course, and I’m not sure if it even depresses at all, but boy it sure looks good! One tip in the comments on the product’s page is that it’s not too great of an idea to put it on a laptop computer…it won’t shut thereafter.

Need to get a cheap gift for everybody in the office? Give them a bag of panic buttons!

Hit that panic button here.

Giant Leprechaun Hat

Giant Leprechaun HatI think Saint Patrick’s Day is the nearest holiday now after Valentine’s Day comes and passes. So I figured this would be a great first St. Patty’s Day gift idea. I just love this picture too, the guy’s facial expression is priceless.

It’s obviously a giant hat for an over-sized leprechaun. I think this would be a great hat to wear around the office all day on March 17th. Since you’ve got to wear green to avoid getting pinched, this is the perfect addition to somebody’s wardrobe!

This is also a great chance to possibly pressure somebody into feeling uncomfortable. Here’s what I mean: Give this as a gift to a co-worker or even better yet, your boss. Then when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, they will feel obligated to wear it. So to make that idea work even better, give it to somebody who is very shy or easily embarrassed and sit back and enjoy!

Turn somebody into a giant leprechaun here.

Chicks Dig You Cereal Bowl

Chicks Dig You Cereal BowlThere’s nothing quite like a good morning affirmation. This is pretty awesome. The rim of the bowl has some good stuff, but the “Chicks dig you” in the bottom of the bowl tops them all. It reminds me of Gheorghe Muresan in his commercial for cabbage cologne: “Chicks dig it!”

So this is just a funny little gift idea to get for some guy who needs a little extra confidence boost with his bowl of fruity pebbles.

Boost his confidence here.

Nanotechnology is Huge T-Shirt

Nanotechnology is Huge T-ShirtSeeing how nanotechnology is all the rage at the moment, this shirt is full of wit and humor! See, it’s a pun, therefore, it’s “punny.”

See how it works is, nanotechnology is using super tiny microscopic things to do cool stuff. So really, it’s tiny, but since it’s so popular, it’s huge. Get it? Yeah?

Put a pun on somebody here.