BittersweetsTired of the same old little Valentine’s Day chalky hearts? Well these are the same antacid type of treat, but they have much different messages on them than the usual.

The three tins to choose from are Dejected, Dysfunctional, and Dumped. This picture gives a little peek at what to expect from these. Clicking through will give you the entire list of every inscription on these hearts. Have some fun giving out downer hearts this year!

Valentine’s downers here.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

8-Bit Dynamic Life ShirtThis is pretty cool. ThinkGeek has a pair of t-shirts that will light up with hearts when you are near your loved one. So here’s what you do. Get two of these shirts, one for you and one for your significant other, and then when you’re apart, you’ll each have only 2½ hearts lit up, but when you’re near each other, all 6 hearts will light up. Pretty neat huh?

See the idea is, if you haven’t got it, to make it seem as though each of the t-shirt wearers are in a video game. In games, like Zelda, you want your hearts to be full, that means you’re strong and have perfect health. When they start to diminish, things aren’t looking so hot. So when you’re with your lover, things are looking good.

Of course, there are some things to do to get it set up right, like plug in a little transmitter that detects when the other person is nearby, but it’s totally worth it! You could both wear these shirts to a Valentine’s Day party or any other social event where you want to woo people with your love for each other. Could be a good time for everybody!

Let your hearts grow here.

Dirty Girl Bubble Bath

Dirty Girl Bubble BathThis must be how dirty girls like to get cleaned, in a bubble bath. I like the product description:

A Lily-fresh fragrance turns even the dirtiest girl into a specimen of beauty! Tub tested!

So that’s all you really need to know!

Get a dirty girl clean here.

Atomic Food Containers from ThinkGeek

Atomic Food Containers from ThinkGeekFinally there’s something official looking to use for safely keeping leftovers in the work refrigerator. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had fun marking food containers with different “labels” to dissuade people from stealing them. I was actually pretty bad about it, mostly just for fun though.

Some examples are putting Anthrax on a cup of sugar, writing Sample on the side of a cup with apple juice in it, and even as far as adding food coloring to milk! That last one really works well, trust me.

ThinkGeek has made these awesome food containers that have great labels on the side making any co-worker or roommate think twice about stealing your food. Better yet, the lids have a dial that allows you to set them to remind you how old the food is. When it comes time to heat them up, the dial can be turned to the vent setting, which obviously vents the food as it gets nuked.

Poison your own food here.

Make Yourself at Home Magnet Set by BlueQ

Make Yourself at Home Magnet Set by BlueQI get the feeling we’ll be seeing plenty more of this BlueQ stuff. It’s hilarious! This time around we’ve got the Make Yourself at Home magnet set. It has five individual magnets with the classic American Mother character.

The sayings on each magnet are great. One says If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen. The one that cracked me up is I child-proofed my house but they still get in.

I love a good kitchen magnet, and these are some very fine ones. They’re a great gift idea for any housewife out there. I’d even be happy to get these and I’m a bachelor.

Decorate a fridge here.

Savin Up for Jesus Tin Bank by BlueQ

Savin Up for Jesus Tin BankI don’t know if it’s just me, but I think most of us have a whole bunch of change sitting somewhere. I’ve got some in a couple Styrofoam bowls and in the console in my truck. Mostly, it doesn’t get used until I decide to go cash it in for whatever amount it’s worth. So hey, why not have a tin for all that stuff? And better yet, why not have a tin with a good cause, like savin’ up for Jesus!

The simplicity of this tin is wonderful. It’s 3½” wide by 4½” tall, so it can hold plenty of coins without being too cumbersome. I love the little additional text in front of the good reverend, who happens to have one of the nicest cared-for afros I’ve ever seen. “Give yourself a faith lift.” Punny!

Store coins for Jesus here.

Wooden USB Memory Stick by Oooms

Wooden USB Memory Stick by OoomsThese things look pretty awesome in action. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a little hunk of real wood sticking out of the back or side of a computer. Each one of these USB flash memory sticks is a one of a kind real piece of wood.

It’s a great mix of technology with back woods style. Passers by may think that someone walked by with a stick and crammed it into the side of your laptop. They have 1 gigabyte of storage, so they’re decent sized drives. Just enough to transfer those work documents and maybe a few songs between the home and office.

I’m not sure if these come with a cap for the USB connector. Either way, if they do or not, the recipient of this one-of-a-kind gift idea may want to be careful about leaving this lying around where trash may be picked up. There is an extension USB cord that can be purchased at the site at well. Imagine how crazy someone would look with a cord leading from their computer to a little stick. I love it!

Stick it to technology here.

Mini Golfing Mario & Luigi at ThinkGeek

Mini Golfing Mario & Luigi at ThinkGeekYet another time killer for cubicle bound folks. I don’t know why I love stuff like this so much. Wait, I think it’s because I’m a fantastic waster of time!

You can get both Mario and Luigi, who come tethered to an old NES style controller. I’m not sure what’s going on with the brown colors, perhaps they’re going for the golf khaki look. Only the A and B buttons do anything, the rest is just cosmetic. Each comes with a couple teeny tiny “golf” balls that will need divine intervention to not get lost in the first week of action. There’s even a tiny little range-quality hole thing that you can aim for. I can’t imagine this is easy, but hey, it looks like a great time waster.

Maybe if you know somebody who can’t get enough Mario golf on their Gamecube. You can help them practice while at work!

Get Mario and/or Luigi at

Baguette Wrist Rest at What On Earth

Baguette Wrist Rest at What On EarthBaguette? Oui oui! Now I’m not too sure that this is a great gift idea for anybody who is on a diet, or trying to start their diet. I personally think those wrist rest (say that three times fast) things are great toys for tossing around when bored at the desk. As far as wrist rests go though, this is the tastiest looking one I’ve ever seen.

The keyboard wrist rest is, obviously, made to look like a tasty loaf of bread – looks like a nice, somewhat stale, loaf of the local bakery’s French bread, yum. Now, as far as I can tell, this thing is the real deal. It’s made of soft cushioning cell foam and sized just right to keep the wrists in the proper place. So not only is it tasty looking, it’s also nice and ergonomic!

If nothing else, this makes for a great toy to throw around at people, and really, who doesn’t love fake food hanging around?

Get the tasty wrist rest here.