PANIC Button

PANIC ButtonJust what everybody needs at work, a panic button! Slap this puppy on your keyboard and have some fun with your fellow employees.

The button doesn’t do anything of course, and I’m not sure if it even depresses at all, but boy it sure looks good! One tip in the comments on the product’s page is that it’s not too great of an idea to put it on a laptop computer…it won’t shut thereafter.

Need to get a cheap gift for everybody in the office? Give them a bag of panic buttons!

Hit that panic button here.

Chicks Dig You Cereal Bowl

Chicks Dig You Cereal BowlThere’s nothing quite like a good morning affirmation. This is pretty awesome. The rim of the bowl has some good stuff, but the “Chicks dig you” in the bottom of the bowl tops them all. It reminds me of Gheorghe Muresan in his commercial for cabbage cologne: “Chicks dig it!”

So this is just a funny little gift idea to get for some guy who needs a little extra confidence boost with his bowl of fruity pebbles.

Boost his confidence here.

Nanotechnology is Huge T-Shirt

Nanotechnology is Huge T-ShirtSeeing how nanotechnology is all the rage at the moment, this shirt is full of wit and humor! See, it’s a pun, therefore, it’s “punny.”

See how it works is, nanotechnology is using super tiny microscopic things to do cool stuff. So really, it’s tiny, but since it’s so popular, it’s huge. Get it? Yeah?

Put a pun on somebody here.


BittersweetsTired of the same old little Valentine’s Day chalky hearts? Well these are the same antacid type of treat, but they have much different messages on them than the usual.

The three tins to choose from are Dejected, Dysfunctional, and Dumped. This picture gives a little peek at what to expect from these. Clicking through will give you the entire list of every inscription on these hearts. Have some fun giving out downer hearts this year!

Valentine’s downers here.

I Love You Photo Frame

I Love You Building Blocks Photo FrameHere’s a nice little photo frame for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. I found this in the “for her” section, and I was thinking it might work for a guy or girl, but the little guy is the one building the blocks, so I think it’s intended for women.

The frame holds a 5×7 picture in place. It’s on sale for a little over half price right now, so it’s a pretty good deal as a nice Valentine’s Day gift idea. They’ve got other stuff over there, so check their stuff out if you feel so inclined.

Build a small photo frame here.

Dirty Girl Bubble Bath

Dirty Girl Bubble BathThis must be how dirty girls like to get cleaned, in a bubble bath. I like the product description:

A Lily-fresh fragrance turns even the dirtiest girl into a specimen of beauty! Tub tested!

So that’s all you really need to know!

Get a dirty girl clean here.

Big Key Doorstop

Big Key DoorstopHere’s another cool little piece of home decor. It’s a doorstop in the shape of a huge key. It’s a pretty good sized doorstop too at almost 6 inches in length.

If you know somebody who has a swaying door and it needs to stop, give them the key to holding the door in place…pun intended! The big rubber doorstop is available in two colors: red or black.

Stop somebody’s door here.

LED Blow On-Off Candles

LED Blow On-Off CandlesI found out about these a while ago, but I bought some for my sisters as Christmas presents, so I didn’t want to risk them finding out. Now that I’ve given them as gifts and they were very well received, I figured I’d share the greatness with the good people online.

These things do just what they say. It’s cool, you blow into the top of the candle just how you would to extinguish a flame, and it turns on! Then when you want to turn it off, do the same thing. It’s actually pretty satisfying to be able to turn it on or off with a quick puff of wind.

The light has a great flame-like flicker to it, and the colors are just as different and vivid as the image here shows they are. The yellow/orange looks just like a real flame and the blue is just cool. The candles are made out of something that really feels like wax. They’re a top notch product.

Save someone matches here.

Help Somebody Find Their Way Around

National Geographic Road Atlas
I just finished a coast-to-coast road trip. I started in Oregon and ended up in Florida. It was great. Along the ride, we made use of a great big road atlas not unlike this one.

Not only is this a map, but it highlights America’s top 100 adventure destinations, according to the National Geographic editors. So if you know somebody who does a lot of traveling, this could be a great gift idea for them.

Show someone the way here.

Black Onyx Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Black Onyx Sterling Silver Dangle EarringsI dig earrings. I don’t notice a lot of them however. These ones would go noticed even by an unobservant guy like myself.

Made of synthetic black onyx and sterling silver, these are simple and to the point. The design on them is simple and elegant at the same time. They are each a little over an inch long, just the right size.

There’s not a lot more to say about them except that they really don’t cost much. There are also a lot of other great earrings over at

Style up those lobes here.

Maritime Prism from National Geographic Store

Maritime Prism from National Geographic StoreHere’s another one of those things that just looks cool. It’s a big glass prism. The description on the site is not only informative, but educational as well. I’ve learned now that before electricity, ships relied on kerosene lamps and candles for light. Of course, fire housed beneath the deck isn’t always a good idea. Enter the prism. These puppies threw light all around the underside of the deck, taking advantage of the sun’s rays.

So benefit #1 is right there, it’s a great conversation piece. Benefit #2 is the fact that it’s totally awesome! Just look at it. It’s 4″ wide and 5″ tall. It makes me think of Emerald City in Oz. Yeah? I think so.

Bring in the green light here.

Atomic Food Containers from ThinkGeek

Atomic Food Containers from ThinkGeekFinally there’s something official looking to use for safely keeping leftovers in the work refrigerator. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had fun marking food containers with different “labels” to dissuade people from stealing them. I was actually pretty bad about it, mostly just for fun though.

Some examples are putting Anthrax on a cup of sugar, writing Sample on the side of a cup with apple juice in it, and even as far as adding food coloring to milk! That last one really works well, trust me.

ThinkGeek has made these awesome food containers that have great labels on the side making any co-worker or roommate think twice about stealing your food. Better yet, the lids have a dial that allows you to set them to remind you how old the food is. When it comes time to heat them up, the dial can be turned to the vent setting, which obviously vents the food as it gets nuked.

Poison your own food here.

Incredibly Strong Magnetic Push Pins

Incredibly Strong Magnetic Push PinsThese look pretty awesome. They’re push pin style magnets. Of course, you could use them on any surface that attracts to magnets, but really, the fridge is pretty much the only place most of us use magnets.

At first glance, I thought these things look cool, but probably aren’t very strong. Then I found their FAQ page that blew my doubts out of the water. They’re made of this stuff called Neodymium, which I guess can have crazy strong magnetism.

At that site I just linked to, you can order a “free” sample one, which actually costs a buck for shipping. You can also get more colors there than at ThinkGeek, which is where the other links in this post lead. The ones at ThinkGeek are cheaper though, since you don’t pick the colors. So, there are a couple options.

Stick it to the fridge here.