Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

Tetris Stackable LED Desk LampOkay this one is really cool. It’s a lamp constructed of colored Tetris blocks! The blocks can be stacked any way you like, as long as they are in 90 degree variations, and if they touch each other, they light up!

ThinkGeek’s description, as you’ll see if you follow the links, voices a concern that many of you may have. What happens if you stack the blocks in a solid structure? They’ll disappear, right? Well, rest assured, they will do no vanishing, or point-giving, only lighting.

If you know somebody with OCD, this is your chance to build some lamps with gaping holes and blatantly poorly placed blocks, just to drive them mad!

As far as how it works, I have no idea. I do know that somewhere, the thing plugs in to the wall, so you won’t need batteries. I’m guessing one block has a cord attached to it, then the rest hook up magnetically or something. They are lit by LEDs, so you really won’t ever have to replace bulbs.

Play lamp Tetris right here.

I was pretty curious as to how this thing looked in action, so here’s the quick little demo video of the Tetris lamp.

Iron Throne Replica from Game of Thrones

Iron Throne from Game of ThronesOkay, so it’s not the actual throne from the show, but it’s a spitting image of the real deal!

This is a 1/6 scale replica of the Iron Throne from the HBO series, Game of Thrones. See, the show is from the series of books, but the throne looks a bit different in its depictions…really, that doesn’t matter, the cool one is from the show. Although this is called the Iron Throne, it’s actually made of resin. It does weigh in at a stout 23 pounds.

The throne is 14 inches tall, so you can probably fit a baby on there, maybe even that royal baby that was just born over in England! That would be pretty funny to see actually. But really, I encourage you to get this, and name your next son Joffrey, or Rob, or even Eddard if it makes you happy, then place him upon his throne! Okay, that may be a bit much.

Luckily for you, there is no need to pay the iron price. Anyway, right now, you can get this piece of memorabilia for 10% off! Go check it out at ThinkGeek!

Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game

Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger GameHere’s a weird one for ya! This little box has different digital characters who live inside. You get to stick your gigantic (in proportion to them) finger in a hole on the side of the box and mess with the little creatures! Why not?

Being one of the weirdest things I’ve posted on this blog, I feel it appropriate to include a little video demonstration of said weirdness. Here’s a little clip of this Virtual Finger Game I found on YouTube.

The clip starts out with a tiny stick man being terrorized by the huge finger. Then at the push of a real button on the housing of the box, a menu appears. That menu, apparently, cycles through the characters with the touch of a digital button. The finger goes on to play with a blob and then an adorable panda who is clinging onto a tire swing. Just precious. Bonus: The song is mesmerizing.

Stick your finger in this link here.

The Batman Handbook

The Batman HandbookWho doesn’t want to have the abilities of the winged superhero that is Batman? With this guide, you can help somebody become well versed in superhero feats that are everyday activities to the man from Gotham City.

Some things that are taught in this handy handbook are:

  • Train a Sidekick
  • Execute a Backflip
  • Survive a Poison Gas Attack
  • Throw a Grappling Hook

There are dozens more Batman style techniques taught in this handbook. The owner of this book will even learn how to make a Batsuit and how to bulletproof their Batmobile. Pretty sweet huh?

Help somebody become Batman here.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

8-Bit Dynamic Life ShirtThis is pretty cool. ThinkGeek has a pair of t-shirts that will light up with hearts when you are near your loved one. So here’s what you do. Get two of these shirts, one for you and one for your significant other, and then when you’re apart, you’ll each have only 2½ hearts lit up, but when you’re near each other, all 6 hearts will light up. Pretty neat huh?

See the idea is, if you haven’t got it, to make it seem as though each of the t-shirt wearers are in a video game. In games, like Zelda, you want your hearts to be full, that means you’re strong and have perfect health. When they start to diminish, things aren’t looking so hot. So when you’re with your lover, things are looking good.

Of course, there are some things to do to get it set up right, like plug in a little transmitter that detects when the other person is nearby, but it’s totally worth it! You could both wear these shirts to a Valentine’s Day party or any other social event where you want to woo people with your love for each other. Could be a good time for everybody!

Let your hearts grow here.

Natural Pink Pearl Sterling Silver Designer Pendant

Natural Pink Pearl Sterling Silver Designer Pendant
I had to blog about this one because it’s so unique looking. I think I might call it a Glob-O-Riches.

I kind of like the style of it though, it looks like it could be rearranged this way or that. The pink stones are freshwater pink colored pearl. Mix that with a bunch of little sterling silver beads and you’ve got something great to hang around your lady’s neck.

SilverShake.com has quite a bit of unique jewelry for ladies and men around the Valentine’s Day holiday. Good times!

Get her some pink and silver here.

Big Key Doorstop

Big Key DoorstopHere’s another cool little piece of home decor. It’s a doorstop in the shape of a huge key. It’s a pretty good sized doorstop too at almost 6 inches in length.

If you know somebody who has a swaying door and it needs to stop, give them the key to holding the door in place…pun intended! The big rubber doorstop is available in two colors: red or black.

Stop somebody’s door here.

Table Topics

Table TopicsDo you ever find yourself with other people who have brilliant minds, but nothing to say? I think we’ve all been there. Here’s the solution to end the silence…if silence isn’t your thing.

Table Topics are little boxes full of conversation starters. I used my super human power of vision to read what that card in the picture says, which is “Who do you think is the most important person alive today?” Some other examples given on the product’s page are “If you got a tattoo, what kind would you get and where would you put it?” and “Is intelligence or common sense more important?”

Each box has 160 unique topics for great conversation. If 160 aren’t enough for you, how about 1,120? There are 7 different themed Table Topics available. They are Original (adults), Family, Teen, Girls Night Out, Couples, Book Club, and Spirit. Speechless? Well then, go get some conversation starters!

Spark up some tasty conversation here.

Maritime Prism from National Geographic Store

Maritime Prism from National Geographic StoreHere’s another one of those things that just looks cool. It’s a big glass prism. The description on the site is not only informative, but educational as well. I’ve learned now that before electricity, ships relied on kerosene lamps and candles for light. Of course, fire housed beneath the deck isn’t always a good idea. Enter the prism. These puppies threw light all around the underside of the deck, taking advantage of the sun’s rays.

So benefit #1 is right there, it’s a great conversation piece. Benefit #2 is the fact that it’s totally awesome! Just look at it. It’s 4″ wide and 5″ tall. It makes me think of Emerald City in Oz. Yeah? I think so.

Bring in the green light here.

Hand Hook

Hand HookNow here is a weird one indeed. These guys are called hand hooks. Some are hookish in nature, all are very handish. There are five styles of hands to choose from, and I love the names. They are called C’mere, Grab, Offer, Bestow, and Om. Bestow and Om have pictures in the More Photos link over on the product page. Om is like an orchestra conductor’s hand; wand and all. Bestow costs a bit more because it comes with a candle stick and a flower vase.

These are apparently casts of the hands of the fellow who designed these products. The site gives great use suggestions like soap container and coat hanger. I’ll take the freedom to suggest a few more. Offer could be used for high-fiving practice. Om looks like it would be great for kids to use for sibling torment. C’mere could be used to scratch behind the ear. Another use for Offer could be a good solid facial slap.

Give somebody a third (or fourth) hand here.

Savin Up for Jesus Tin Bank by BlueQ

Savin Up for Jesus Tin BankI don’t know if it’s just me, but I think most of us have a whole bunch of change sitting somewhere. I’ve got some in a couple Styrofoam bowls and in the console in my truck. Mostly, it doesn’t get used until I decide to go cash it in for whatever amount it’s worth. So hey, why not have a tin for all that stuff? And better yet, why not have a tin with a good cause, like savin’ up for Jesus!

The simplicity of this tin is wonderful. It’s 3½” wide by 4½” tall, so it can hold plenty of coins without being too cumbersome. I love the little additional text in front of the good reverend, who happens to have one of the nicest cared-for afros I’ve ever seen. “Give yourself a faith lift.” Punny!

Store coins for Jesus here.

Wooden USB Memory Stick by Oooms

Wooden USB Memory Stick by OoomsThese things look pretty awesome in action. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a little hunk of real wood sticking out of the back or side of a computer. Each one of these USB flash memory sticks is a one of a kind real piece of wood.

It’s a great mix of technology with back woods style. Passers by may think that someone walked by with a stick and crammed it into the side of your laptop. They have 1 gigabyte of storage, so they’re decent sized drives. Just enough to transfer those work documents and maybe a few songs between the home and office.

I’m not sure if these come with a cap for the USB connector. Either way, if they do or not, the recipient of this one-of-a-kind gift idea may want to be careful about leaving this lying around where trash may be picked up. There is an extension USB cord that can be purchased at the site at well. Imagine how crazy someone would look with a cord leading from their computer to a little stick. I love it!

Stick it to technology here.

Baguette Wrist Rest at What On Earth

Baguette Wrist Rest at What On EarthBaguette? Oui oui! Now I’m not too sure that this is a great gift idea for anybody who is on a diet, or trying to start their diet. I personally think those wrist rest (say that three times fast) things are great toys for tossing around when bored at the desk. As far as wrist rests go though, this is the tastiest looking one I’ve ever seen.

The keyboard wrist rest is, obviously, made to look like a tasty loaf of bread – looks like a nice, somewhat stale, loaf of the local bakery’s French bread, yum. Now, as far as I can tell, this thing is the real deal. It’s made of soft cushioning cell foam and sized just right to keep the wrists in the proper place. So not only is it tasty looking, it’s also nice and ergonomic!

If nothing else, this makes for a great toy to throw around at people, and really, who doesn’t love fake food hanging around?

Get the tasty wrist rest here.