Set Your Computer Ablaze with Memlite

MemliteIf you’re like me, many times you’ve found yourself saying “If only there was something that let me set fire to things and store my files at the same time.” Doesn’t sound like something you’ve said? Well maybe someone you know wishes for just that. If so, this is the perfect weird and unique gift idea!

So what is this thing? Well, it’s a lighter/USB drive combo. It’s a swell idea I suppose. I imagine it would mostly come in handy for those who tend to prefer the smoke inhalation, but hey, who doesn’t like setting things on fire?

The Memlite comes in six colors (at the time of posting, I imagine there may be more later on), and four different sizes, from 512 mb to 4 gb. I’m not sure how that’s possible, since the picture makes the USB part look pretty small, but all I know is that the largest one is 4 gb, which is pretty sweet.

Warning: The site has some somewhat loud music, but it can be turned off. The place to turn it off is near the bottom right of the image; it’s the little vertical bars moving up and down. Also, I’ve managed to have the page freak out on me and just keep loading, blasting the music. If that happens, close the window and try again. So go look at the Memlite.

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