Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleThis is a new product from Amazon called the Kindle. It’s a portable reader basically, but it’s oh so much more.

The Kindle has wireless connectivity similar to a cell phone, only you don’t need the contract and service agreement to make it work. The display actually uses ink and is called Electronic Paper. So that means that your eyes will feel like they are reading paper instead of an electronic screen, and the best part is that you can read it in the daylight with no problem. It claims to reflect light just like paper, awesome.

You can download books, newspapers, and blogs to the Kindle and store them on it so you can read them anytime. It has a bookmark system so it will remember where you left off in your reading last time you finished. All in all, if you know a book reader who travels frequently, this could be the best gift they ever receive. Even somebody who just loves a good book will enjoy the Kindle. The book download feature sounds great, of course the books aren’t free, but you can get them almost as soon as you think you’d like to read that book…pretty sweet.

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