Atomic Food Containers from ThinkGeek

Atomic Food Containers from ThinkGeekFinally there’s something official looking to use for safely keeping leftovers in the work refrigerator. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had fun marking food containers with different “labels” to dissuade people from stealing them. I was actually pretty bad about it, mostly just for fun though.

Some examples are putting Anthrax on a cup of sugar, writing Sample on the side of a cup with apple juice in it, and even as far as adding food coloring to milk! That last one really works well, trust me.

ThinkGeek has made these awesome food containers that have great labels on the side making any co-worker or roommate think twice about stealing your food. Better yet, the lids have a dial that allows you to set them to remind you how old the food is. When it comes time to heat them up, the dial can be turned to the vent setting, which obviously vents the food as it gets nuked.

Poison your own food here.

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