Bluetooth Retro Handset at ThinkGeek

Here’s a gift that I have received before, and I must tell you, it was one of the greatest gifts I’ve got in a good while. It’s a Bluetooth handset that looks like a toy. It’s a great way to make people think you have finally gone off the deep end.

The one I have is the corded version, which you can get here. That one comes with different connections for specific cell phones. It’s a great move to walk into a room while actually having a conversation on this thing. People will look a little weird at you at first, then give a courtesy laugh, thinking you are just using a toy a little too convincingly. Then comes the fun part. Tell whoever you’re talking to to hold on, then hand the handset to the unsuspecting observer. Chances are they’ll at least try to make you feel good by going along with it, then when they hear someone respond to them, sit back and enjoy the shock in their eyes.

I don’t have a Bluetooth cell phone, but I can imagine it’s even more shocking when there is no chord attached. I think this is a great gift idea for that special someone who feels they must always have that earpiece clinging to the side of their head, whether they’re using it or not.

Kick it old school here.

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