Checker Cake

Checker CakeCheck (pun intended) this cake out! This thing is great and I have no idea how in the world they do it. I mean, the cakes I’ve made start as batter which is liquidy and tough to keep separated from other colored batters. Crazy.

It’s a checkered chocolate and vanilla cake. The thing looks delicious and of course, is shipped overnight so you get it fresh. That’s a seriously appetizing looking cake. The site says that if you want to change the top of the cake (which I don’t know why anyone would, other than to maybe surprise the cake-cutter with the checkers), you can get it inscribed with something of your choice free of charge. Of course, then the checkers are gone so the inscribe words are legible.

Anyway, this thing is pretty sweet (another pun!) looking, so give it to somebody ay?

Play checkers with food here.

5 Responses to Checker Cake

  • Mary K. Naegle says:

    How do you order the checker cake? How much
    does it cost??

  • alinur says:

    I don’t know how many price. But this is tasty food.

  • samantha says:

    hey im sam and i was woundering if you could tell me what type of icing you used for this cake? please answer and email it to me on
    thank you

  • shower says:

    hi. im interesting about how to make liquidy seperated.
    pls email me how to do that, thanks a lots:)

  • natahli says:

    hi could you tell my pleas the resepi i nid it because my mom got here birthday in 2 days and i want to make here a surprise im looking and looking vor a perfekt cake and thats checker cake soo pleas i nid the resepi otherwise i will lock for a nother

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