ClockyKnow somebody who has trouble waking up? Do they even constantly lose the battle with the alarm clock snooze button? Well, you can help them become more punctual in an entertaining way with Clocky!

Here’s how the little guy works. You choose the length of the snooze time from 0 to 9 minutes. Clocky will let you snooze one time. The next time you hit snooze, it’s go time! Clocky will bail off of the nightstand (or any surface safely dropping up to 3 feet) onto your carpet or hard floor and look for a hiding spot, beeping all along the way. The sheer frustration is sure to wake up the snoozy sleeper.

There are plenty of other things Clocky does such as light up the display when you hit snooze when the alarm isn’t activated, warn you well in advance when the battery is low, and can even be put into stationary mode if you don’t want to chase him the next morning.

Help wake that sleepy head up!

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