Homer Simpson Cookie Jar by Perpetual Kid

Homer Simpson Cookie Jar by Perpetual KidDoh! Know that special someone who sits at their desk all day just wishing they had a great place to keep their snacks away from their fellow employees? Maybe a cubicle resident with the munchies? Give them the gift of Homer.

This cookie jar is a beauty. It’s a foot tall, so it’s a pretty good size. The owner of the Homer cookie jar will have the option to have him say something each time a goodie is taken out of his head. He’ll say some classic Homer phrases, of course including “Doh!” The voice shows up with his pop-top head is lifted by his hair strand handles. It requires 2 AA batteries, which are actually included. Pretty wild in today’s society that batteries would be included with something as insignificant as a cookie jar. That’s top notch work by Perpetual Kid.

Go get the Homer Cookie Jar.

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