Incredibly Strong Magnetic Push Pins

Incredibly Strong Magnetic Push PinsThese look pretty awesome. They’re push pin style magnets. Of course, you could use them on any surface that attracts to magnets, but really, the fridge is pretty much the only place most of us use magnets.

At first glance, I thought these things look cool, but probably aren’t very strong. Then I found their FAQ page that blew my doubts out of the water. They’re made of this stuff called Neodymium, which I guess can have crazy strong magnetism.

At that site I just linked to, you can order a “free” sample one, which actually costs a buck for shipping. You can also get more colors there than at ThinkGeek, which is where the other links in this post lead. The ones at ThinkGeek are cheaper though, since you don’t pick the colors. So, there are a couple options.

Stick it to the fridge here.

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