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Mini Liquid DispenserKnow somebody who loves to be fully hydrated but is just too busy to ever make it over to the water cooler? Why not bring the water to them? Of course, they could pull a Dwight and just drag the cooler over by their desk so they can catch up on all the scuttlebutt.

Now, the best part about this is that the desk resident can, as they say, think outside the box. Why just stick with water? It can be filled with any liquid really. Apple juice (the first load may not last quick as co-workers may think it’s beer), a tasty carbonated beverage, or my favorite, milk. One small problem with non-water beverages is that the dispenser is just a dispenser: no cooling power is included. So maybe it would be a great syrup dispenser, gotta love the syrup!

It’s less than 2 feet tall and holds a gallon of anything you can fit in there. No guarantees that it’ll dispense something like soup without getting clogged however. I’d probably just stick to water. Might want to remind the recipient of the gift that it isn’t self cleaning…just in case.

Dispense water all over someone’s desk here.
Mini Liquid Dispenser

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