Mushroom Lamps

Mushroom LampsThese mushroom lamps are totally awesome. They look like little magic mushrooms that an Italian plumber may use to gain an extra life or perhaps grow to twice his size. I’m not sure how much of a room they would lighten up, but perhaps they could serve as a perfect little night light. They are touch lamps, since you just bonk them on the head to turn them on and off.

Maybe you know someone who needs a nice little (and I do mean little, they’re only a few inches tall) desk lamp, since they aren’t down with the whole lava lamp scene. Or perhaps you’d like to just have some random little mushrooms lit up around your pool at night. No strings (or chords in this case) attached! I love gifts like these, because they are cheap, and you can get one, two, or three if you want. The recipient of the mushroom lamp(s) will be none the wiser if you get them two blue ones even. Lovely!

Obviously, they come in three colors: red, green, and blue. They run on one AA battery, so that’s nice and easy. This is one I know I’ll save for a future Christmas gift idea.

Get the Mushroom Lamps here.

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