Pay Jr. Visa

PAYjr Prepaid Visa Card - Financial Education
This one is a little different. As you will know when I finally get an About page up here, I make a few cents when you, the wonderful reader, buys a gift that I’ve blogged about on this site. So in that vein, here is more of an obvious advertisement for something that I think could be a cool gift idea for a kid.

It’s a prepaid Visa, not really a credit card, more like a debit card without having a bank account. Or maybe it could be considered a gift card for anywhere that accepts Visa. I think it’s a pretty good idea. I’m not sure of the details, but I imagine it would be safer for kids to have than carrying cash. When used wisely, it could also be used to teach kids how to manage their money at an early age.

Speaking of money management, this brings back a memory of when my Grandpa would take us to the Plaid Pantry (a mini-mart down the street) when we would visit him. He’s give us one dollar and let us spend nothing more. He was teaching us how to live within our means I suppose. I remember I was still bummed about not being able to spend the little extra I had in my pocket. I’m still not rich from that, but I must have learned a lesson from it…right?

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