Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Play and Freeze Ice Cream MakerI love the taste of homemade ice cream. It’s weird to me how differently it tastes than the store-bought stuff. I haven’t had it for years though because it always seems like such a chore to make. You have to find somebody who has one of those big old ice cream makers. Then you have to put all the time into getting the stuff set up just right.

Now there is a solution for people like me! Here’s all you do with the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker. Add ice and rock salt in one end, and add the ice cream ingredients in the other end. Roll it around for 15 minutes (good use of kids’ energy when they hear mention of ice cream) and presto, ice cream is served! If you’re like me, you don’t know what ice cream ingredients are. Apparently it’s as easy as cream, sugar, and vanilla. But no worries, a recipe list is included with each ice cream maker.

They come in a whole bunch of colors and 2 different sizes – pint and quart. There are also links on Amazon’s product site to order rock salt and other ingredients if you wish.

Roll some ice cream around here.

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