Savin Up for Jesus Tin Bank by BlueQ

Savin Up for Jesus Tin BankI don’t know if it’s just me, but I think most of us have a whole bunch of change sitting somewhere. I’ve got some in a couple Styrofoam bowls and in the console in my truck. Mostly, it doesn’t get used until I decide to go cash it in for whatever amount it’s worth. So hey, why not have a tin for all that stuff? And better yet, why not have a tin with a good cause, like savin’ up for Jesus!

The simplicity of this tin is wonderful. It’s 3½” wide by 4½” tall, so it can hold plenty of coins without being too cumbersome. I love the little additional text in front of the good reverend, who happens to have one of the nicest cared-for afros I’ve ever seen. “Give yourself a faith lift.” Punny!

Store coins for Jesus here.

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