The Big Lebowski – 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Big Lebowski - 10th Anniversary Limited EditionIf you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski (and don’t mind moderate to heavy levels of crudeness), you should do yourself a favor and pick this up. This is such a fine movie, well written and acted out perfectly.

I’ve checked this out a bit, and it appears as though the “Limited Edition” part of this doesn’t so much have anything to do with the content, but more with the packaging, which I think is brilliant. Word is there are a few interviews with the cast, but nothing too special. All that’s okay though, if you’re like me and have been telling yourself that you need to own this movie, now is the time. And of course, if you already own it, buy this version for a friend and leave the mark of The Dude on their shelf for all to see!

Bowl a movie into the collection here.

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