Wooden USB Memory Stick by Oooms

Wooden USB Memory Stick by OoomsThese things look pretty awesome in action. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a little hunk of real wood sticking out of the back or side of a computer. Each one of these USB flash memory sticks is a one of a kind real piece of wood.

It’s a great mix of technology with back woods style. Passers by may think that someone walked by with a stick and crammed it into the side of your laptop. They have 1 gigabyte of storage, so they’re decent sized drives. Just enough to transfer those work documents and maybe a few songs between the home and office.

I’m not sure if these come with a cap for the USB connector. Either way, if they do or not, the recipient of this one-of-a-kind gift idea may want to be careful about leaving this lying around where trash may be picked up. There is an extension USB cord that can be purchased at the site at well. Imagine how crazy someone would look with a cord leading from their computer to a little stick. I love it!

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  • Jill J. says:

    This is very cool! It would either provoke shock and ‘um….do you realize you’ve got a branch sticking out of your computer?’ or some other quirky comment. Great conversation starter and a fun gift idea, especially for the outdoors person.

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