Hello Kitty Sexy Girl Cell Phone Strap

Hello Kitty Sexy Girl Cell Phone StrapI realized that most of the gift ideas I’ve put up here appeal more to me than non-me. So I figured I’d go the opposite way this time. That said…

Hello Kitty!

That’s right. It’s the Sexy Girl collection Hello Kitty Cell Phone Strap. I didn’t even know what a cell phone strap was, and honestly, still don’t have a very clear idea of what it is. It looks to be some type of cell phone bling. What better bling to have than Hello Kitty? I’m not sure if this works with all phones. I think they have to have a loop of some sort to clip onto. Anyway, I love the little Japanese to English write up on the site:

It’s a little bit surprise, Kitty turns into aglamorous girl. Sitting in a big high heel with a sexy costume, she looks so attractive. Find Kitty’s other side of charm.

If I ever bling my phone, I’m going all out Hello Kitty, you’d better believe it!

A little bit surprise somebody with Hello Kitty.

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