WebkinzI first heard about these little plush stuffed animals a few months ago from a girl who is in her mid 20s. She got one recently and can’t get enough of it. Now, they are catered to children, but apparently any age can have fun with them.

Remember those Tamagotchi things around 10 years back? Yeah, I had one of those. It was pretty awesome. It was a bird of some sort, a chicken or a duck I think. Anyway, these are kind of like that, only different. I think this is how it works. You buy the plush pet, which is a normal stuffed animal. Each animal comes with its own ID code of some sort. With that code, you can become a member of the Webkinz World. That is where the pet comes alive.

There’s a short little tour on the site to catch you up to speed about the Webkinz World. It looks like a fully interactive community focused on these little furry things. So you can treat the stuffed pet like any other one you may have, but then go on the computer and see it walking around in a virtual world. Pretty wild stuff. It’s not all fun and games either. There looks to be some educational activities in there too.

Check out the Webkinz here.

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  • Barbara says:

    Have you heard about TyGirlz? Similar to Webkinz in that the toys come with access to an online world, but different because they are mainly geared toward girls. I work with Ty Inc., the Beanie Baby people, and once again you can look forward to each doll coming with her own individual personality. If you’re looking for gift ideas, I’d recommend a visit to http://www.tygirlz.com.

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