Busted Tees Has Some Good Stuff

Busted Tees
For a quick and easy gift for a witty guy or girl you know, take a look at Busted Tees. There are plenty of t-shirt websites I’ve seen these days. I think Busted Tees has the best, and wittiest, selection.

Some of my favorites are Fantasy Football, The Second Amendment, and this one that has a picture of a football on it with the caption Soccer. Oh the cleverness!

Don’t be surprised if you end up buying a shirt or two for yourself as well. Most of the shirts will be a great conversation piece, or at least get you some pretty confused looks. Most of the shirts are relatively unoffensive, which is nice for a change. Check out the site by clicking the picture or the little link right below this here paragraph.

Link: Busted Tees

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  • rachael says:

    yeah, busted tees has some cool t-shirts… but if you order from them just pray that everything goes smoothly. If for any reason you have to contact their customer service you won’t get much assistance. I placed an order on December 16th and paid extra for “Christmas guaranteed delivery” and still have seen nothing. I contact customer service regularly and all I ever get is “I’m sending an urgent message to our corporate office and someone will contact you in one business day.” I’ve heard nothing from the “corporate office” and I have no t-shirts and i’m out $60.

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