Geek Work Shirt

Geek Work ShirtOh boy, this is great. Most geeks are usually seen either in a Star Wars t-shirt or something that seems to take away from society’s view upon them as a man. On the other hand, whenever you see a guy in a gray-blue button up shirt with a name embroidered into it, most of us think “Now there’s a hard working man.” Well, here is the solution to that dilemma for the geek.

It’s the Geek Work Shirt. Only the hard core geeks really know what it’s like under the case of a beast of a computer, just like a garage mechanic knows what it’s like under the chassis of a ’57 Chevy. So get the geek you love a shirt that will earn him some respect for the work he really does. Also, take a minute to read the description of the product at ThinkGeek, it blows mine away.

Work the Geek shirt here.

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