Candy Corn Candle at Etsy

Candy Corn Candle at EtsyI don’t eat much candy these days, but candy corn is one of those things that I could just keep eating for a long while. So here we have the candy corn candle. Its fragrance is supposed to smell like the candy. Well, probably not smell like the candy, since they have no odor. I think it smells like the candy tastes.

The description lists the fragrance as a sweet yummy honey vanilla. That sounds about right. I was thinking just sugar, but sweet yummy honey vanilla sounds quite a bit better in the form of a candle. It’s not a big candle, just 3½” tall, but that should be enough to burn much longer than just when trick-or-treaters are knocking on your door. If you order more than one, the shipping price drops, so you might as well get your favorite candy corn lover a few of these scented candles.

Smell like candy corn here.

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