Giant Leprechaun Hat

Giant Leprechaun HatI think Saint Patrick’s Day is the nearest holiday now after Valentine’s Day comes and passes. So I figured this would be a great first St. Patty’s Day gift idea. I just love this picture too, the guy’s facial expression is priceless.

It’s obviously a giant hat for an over-sized leprechaun. I think this would be a great hat to wear around the office all day on March 17th. Since you’ve got to wear green to avoid getting pinched, this is the perfect addition to somebody’s wardrobe!

This is also a great chance to possibly pressure somebody into feeling uncomfortable. Here’s what I mean: Give this as a gift to a co-worker or even better yet, your boss. Then when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, they will feel obligated to wear it. So to make that idea work even better, give it to somebody who is very shy or easily embarrassed and sit back and enjoy!

Turn somebody into a giant leprechaun here.

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