Happy Birthday Cards from Tiny Prints

Happy BirthdayCards are a key element of gift giving. These particular cards are designed with corporate birthdays in mind. It’s a nice design that fits any style birthday.

These cards are personalizable, which I don’t think is a word, but I’m going to use it anyway. Why not stock up on birthday cards anyway? See, I say that because the minimum order for these cards is 25. That may be a bit much for the casual gift-giver, but for a company with hundreds of employees, this makes it nice and easy to distribute good wishes on those many special days.

Get a lot of cards here.

Graduation Invitations

Graduation InvitationIt’s that time of year again. Many young and not as young students are finally to that point where they get to try and figure out what to do next in life. Sweet, sweet graduation.

Whether it be high school graduation, college graduation, or graduation from some crazy thing I haven’t even heard of, TinyPrints has what you’re looking for. I’ve searched many a site for professional looking invitations that are affordable and customizable, and I honestly can find none better than TinyPrints.

In this day and age, when many of us have a nice digital camera, there really isn’t much of a need to go to a professional photographer to get that one shot, or maybe two, that you want to send out to let everybody know about the special moment. So take some shots, head over to TinyPrints, and order those invitations!

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