Baguette Wrist Rest at What On Earth

Baguette Wrist Rest at What On EarthBaguette? Oui oui! Now I’m not too sure that this is a great gift idea for anybody who is on a diet, or trying to start their diet. I personally think those wrist rest (say that three times fast) things are great toys for tossing around when bored at the desk. As far as wrist rests go though, this is the tastiest looking one I’ve ever seen.

The keyboard wrist rest is, obviously, made to look like a tasty loaf of bread – looks like a nice, somewhat stale, loaf of the local bakery’s French bread, yum. Now, as far as I can tell, this thing is the real deal. It’s made of soft cushioning cell foam and sized just right to keep the wrists in the proper place. So not only is it tasty looking, it’s also nice and ergonomic!

If nothing else, this makes for a great toy to throw around at people, and really, who doesn’t love fake food hanging around?

Get the tasty wrist rest here.

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