Hand Hook

Hand HookNow here is a weird one indeed. These guys are called hand hooks. Some are hookish in nature, all are very handish. There are five styles of hands to choose from, and I love the names. They are called C’mere, Grab, Offer, Bestow, and Om. Bestow and Om have pictures in the More Photos link over on the product page. Om is like an orchestra conductor’s hand; wand and all. Bestow costs a bit more because it comes with a candle stick and a flower vase.

These are apparently casts of the hands of the fellow who designed these products. The site gives great use suggestions like soap container and coat hanger. I’ll take the freedom to suggest a few more. Offer could be used for high-fiving practice. Om looks like it would be great for kids to use for sibling torment. C’mere could be used to scratch behind the ear. Another use for Offer could be a good solid facial slap.

Give somebody a third (or fourth) hand here.

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